Warm Jersey Royals in a Heavenly Anchovy Sauce by Julius Roberts

Serves 4 

400g Jersey Royals 

A bunch of mint 




For the anchovy crema:  

2 eggs 

40g fresh sourdough 

Tin of salted anchovies 

1 clove of garlic 

½ tablespoon of mustard 

1 lemon 

200ml Sunflower oil 

60ml cold water 



To make the anchovy crema: 

Soft boil the eggs for 5mins 45secs, peel and add to a high speed blender.  

Tear in the sourdough and add the mustard, anchovies and their oil, garlic, pinch of salt and the juice of half a lemon (saving the rest for later).  

Blitz into a very smooth paste then add the oil incredibly slowly so that it doesn’t split. Use tiny splashes of the cold water if you find it is not mixing well enough. Keep going until all the oil is used up.  

Then add the water bit by bit to find your desired consistency. Taste to check your seasoning, add salt and lemon juice if need be. It should be intense and very moreish.  


Add the potatoes to a pan and cover with cold water. Season well with salt, add a few sprigs of mint and bring to a simmer. Cook gently until tender.  

Add the potatoes to a bowl chuck in a slab of butter, salt, pepper and chives. Give it a toss as the butter melts.  

Spread the anchovy sauce on a plate and pour on the potatoes. Dip, dunk and enjoy with extra sauce on the side. 

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