Phil Le Maistre from Master Farms

Brothers Phil and Peter Le Maistre are seventh generation Jersey Royal farmers, with their sons now in tow working alongside them. They are very proud of their farming heritage and carrying on the family tradition. Located in the south-east of Jersey, they strive to maintain traditional farming techniques, often planting and harvesting by hand, but equally modernising according to demand over the years.  

During the peak of the Jersey Royal season, the farmers are up early to start at 6 am harvesting so they can be graded, packed and loaded on to the boat that evening to arrive with their customers in England the following morning. Phil loves the first Jersey Royals of the season, taken from the steep slopes or Cotils on their farm.  

Philip Junior took part in the first virtual LEAF Open Farm Sunday for sustainability and eco-farming in 2020, which was a very exciting and innovative opportunity for the farm. The family were hoping to be able to open the farm to the public in June last year, however, due to COVID-19 it was all done virtually. It was, however, a great opportunity to show case the best of Jersey to a much wider audience.  

Phil’s expert advice is “the best way to eat Jersey Royals is as fresh as possible, boiled and served with Jersey butter. You can’t beat them like that!”.  

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