Jersey Royal Farmers

There’s no mistaking the taste of Jersey Royal New Potatoes. Their unique flavour comes from Jersey’s rich fertile earth, gentle climate and the way our farmers grow them.

  • Phil Le Maistre from Master Farms

    Brothers Phil and Peter Le Maistre are seventh generation Jersey Royal farmers, with their sons now in tow working alongside them. They are very proud of

  • Christine & Didier Hellio from Manor Farm

    Both Christine and Didier’s families have been growing the much-loved Jersey Royals for four generations. Didier’s parents came over from France

  • Matthew Lamy from Somerleigh Farms

    Matthew’s father set up Somerleigh Farms in the late 60’s when they moved to the west of Jersey. His family had been working in

  • Stephen Labey from Labey Farms

    Steve is a born and bred Jerseyman. He started farming from the tender age of 17 and proudly follows in

  • Steve Baudains from Le Coin Farm

    Looking back at their family history, the Baudains are farmers through and through. For over 150 years, their farm in the middle of the island has diversified and