Health Benefits

Jersey Royal Potatoes are famous for being the UK’s favourite new potato and are renowned for their unique taste, flavour, and delicate skins. However, not only do Jersey Royal Potatoes taste fantastic, they are also incredibly nutritious.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with nutritional information concerning what they should and shouldn’t eat, but you only have to look at the facts to see that eating delicious Jersey Royals provides you with a good proportion of your recommended daily allowance of nutrients.

Primarily, Jersey Royals are a fantastic source of complex carbohydrates or starch, which are usually the main source of energy for the body and vital for growth and development.  Nutritionists recommend that this food group makes up the bulk of our diet (between 47 – 50%) to ensure a healthy diet (quantity per 100g 15.4g).

Unlike other carbohydrates, such as pasta and rice, potatoes are a great source of vitamin C, especially the skins (100g of Jersey Royal New Potatoes would provide you with 25% of the RDA for vitamin C). Vitamin C is essential in the diet for maintaining healthy skin, hair, bones, teeth and gums (quantity per 100g 15mg).

Vitamin B is also present in potatoes and fundamental in helping carbohydrates work properly to provide energy for the body.  Vitamin B also helps maintain a healthy skin and nervous system.

It is a common myth that potatoes are fattening and they are often banished from the diet when people are trying to lose weight.  However potatoes are actually very low in fat and combined with exercise, are a fantastic way to maintain a healthy lifestyle (quantity per 100g 0.3g).

Fibre is abundant in un-refined carbohydrates such as Jersey Royals and essential for the digestion process and making you feel full for longer.  Nutritionists recommend that 18g of fibre is consumed daily to ensure a healthy diet (quantity per 100g 1.5g).

The protein in Jersey Royals is relatively small, but it is significant as it is of a comparable quality to egg protein (quantity per 100g 1.4g).

A healthy diet does not have to be boring; the versatility of Jersey Royals makes them suitable for almost any meal occasion.

Nutritional Composition of Jersey Royal New Potatoes (per 100g)

  • Energy kcal/kJ   66/281
  • Protein   1.4g
  • Fat:  0.3g
    • Saturated     (0.1g)
    • Monounsaturated      (Trace)
    • Polyunsaturated      (0.1g)
  • Carbohydrate: 15.4g
    • Starch      (14.4g)
    • Sugars      (1.0g)
  • Dietary Fibre 1.5g
  • Sodium  10mg
  • Vitamin C  15mg

(In Skins, Boiled In Unsalted Water)