Media Quotes

Media Quotes

Chris Evans,  BBC Radio 2 “In my next life, I want to come back as a Jersey Royal.”  

The Handbook “To celebrate the start of the Jersey Royal season, there’s now a potato pop-up hitting London. Yes you read that correctly, a pop-up dedicated entirely to potatoes. Not just any old potatoes, though, we’re talking Jersey Royals, aka the king of all potatoes. TV presenter and farmer, Jimmy Doherty, will be at the pop-up talking all things Jersey Royals including how important the climate is, when the growing season is and why these potato gems are the only root vegetable in the UK to carry a protected designation of origin status (we told you they are the king of all potatoes). If there’s anything to get the couch potatoes up and out, this is it…”

Professor Green “I love a spud!”

John Williams, AA Chef of the Year  “To this day I still adore Jersey Royals. I have them and the Galloping Gourmet to thank for getting me hooked on food.”

Good Housekeeping  “It’d be a waste not to indulge in Jersey Royals as often as you can. Their distinctive sweet and summery flavour turns a mediocre dish into something much more memorable”

Delicious  “I love Jersey Royals because they are one of the few seasonal treats we have left. You can serve asparagus with christmas dinner if you are so inclined. You can, if you are totally unhinged, eat indifferent strawberries, mange tout peas and tomatoes, bullied into their mediocre existence by polytunnels and hydroponics (appetising, eh?) all year round. But on Jersey, they know that really good things come to those who wait.  Jersey Royals may scream British Summertime with their sweet, earthy taste but, thanks to some pretty canny harnessing of mother nature, they are with us long before spring proper…which is another reason to love the little blighters. This year only the best will do: I like my potatoes slightly soiled but truly blue blooded.”