Jersey Royal and Mushroom Skewers

The umami flavours of the dressing make these vegetable skewers a hit.  If you prefer you can swap the honey for agave or maple syrup.

Serves 4, 2 skewers each

Prep time 20 minutes  Cook time 20-25 minutes


300g Jersey Royal potatoes, cut into chunks

250g shitake or sliced portabello mushrooms

8 baby courgettes, halved

8 radishes, halved

1 tbsp vegetable oil


For the dressing;

1 tbsp miso

30ml tamari or good soy sauce

1 tsp honey

Splash water


For the pickled radishes;

25ml white wine vinegar mixed with 25ml water

2 tsp sugar

6 radishes, sliced


1 tsp seaweed sprinkle to garnish


  1. For the pickled radishes warm the vinegar, water and sugar in a small pan until the sugar dissolves.  Place the radishes in a bowl and pour over  the vinegar.  Set aside for 10 minutes or cool, cover and chill for up to 24 hours.
  2. Bring a pan of water to the boil add the potatoes and cook for around 10 minutes until just tender. Drain and rinse with cold water to stop them cooking further.  Combine the dressing ingredients adding enough water to just slacken the mixture.
  3. Thread the potatoes, mushrooms, courgettes and radish halves onto the skewers.  Brush with the oil.  Heat a griddle pan until really hot and cook the skewers in batches for 2-3 minutes until the mushrooms have softened, brush over the dressing and cook for another minute until beginning to char.  Sprinkle with the seaweed and serve with the pickled radishes and any remaining dressing.



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