Shelina’s Jersey Royals with coriander chutney

Jersey royals have a beautiful creamy texture, nutty flavour and flaky skins. This is the best way to eat them, perfectly steamed with butter and a twist of flavour with my green chutney, yoghurt and fried onions!


450g jersey royals, washed and steamed for 15 minutes until tender

Green chutney:

10g coriander

1 garlic clove (inner sprout removed)

1 spring onions

1 green chilli

1/2 medium tomato

2tbsp water



To serve 

Fried onions (I used pre fried onions)

thick Greek yoghurt

To steam the potatoes

Wash your potatoes and place them on a steaming tray and allow them to steam for 15 minutes until a knife comes out from the centre.

Once steamed place into a bowl and season with butter and salt and mix this around until the butter is melted and coats all the potatoes

To make the chutney 

Place all the ingredients into a blender or nutri bullet and blend until completely smooth. Pour into a serving bowl and set aside

To assemble

Tumble the buttery steamed potatoes on a large platter, drizzle over the chutney, the yoghurt and the fried onions. Finish with some freshly picked mint and serve warm


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